SPECTRO-BOX /interrupted

SPECTRO-BOX /interrupted

220 EUR
SPECTRO-BOX /interrupted
- neon tube (white), recycled motherboard (green), wooden frame (black paint inside)
- green leds
- dimensions: H26 /W36 /D10 cm

SPECTROSCOP uses recycled electronics, mainly computer motherboards, to build pseudo-instruments as functional lighting objects that bespeak the machine-age aesthetic.
Inspired by scientific apparatus used for visualizing light signals like the spectrometer and apparatus used for measuring electrical signals like the oscilloscope, each Spectro-box is designed around an electronic symbol. These symbols are made of glass tubes, then filled with rare gases, like argon or neon.
Neon lamps use collision of electrons with the gas to excite these emissions inks and paints include chemical compounds selected for their spectral characteristics in order to generate specific colors and hues.

Every piece is unique, incorporated in a wooden frame.
Boxes can be hanged on the wall or use it as table lamp.

No assembly required, your lighting object is ready to be plugged in.
The box It has an on/off switch.
Consume: 10W

The box includes:
- power cord (180cm) and plug included
- high voltage transformer 100V - 240V for worldwide use.(indoor use only)
- 8mm glass tube

Neon tube: 2years
Neon power supply:1 year

All items are prepared for shipping, but please allow 3-4 business days to handle the package.

Message us before purchase and we'll go over the additional things like plug adapters, and alternate transformers.

Got any questions or special requests? We'd love to hear from you!
mail :spectroscop6@gmail.com